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Adhesive Tapes

Aston is the top adhesive tape manufacturer in Chennai. Adhesive tapes are widely used for commercial and industrial purposes. It is made from thin and flexible materials such as fabric, plastic, or paper, and one side of the material is coated with adhesive material.

Some common types of adhesive are paper tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, PVC tape, polyester tape, and fiberglass tape. Our products are made from Industry-best-quality materials with cutting-edge technology.

Benefits of adhesive tapes :

Versatile: Adhesive tapes are available in different types, sizes, and materials.

Easy to use: Adhesive tapes are easy to use because of their flexibility. It can easily be applied to different materials such as plastic, paper, and fabric.

Water and Chemical Resistance: Adhesive tape is resistant to moisture and chemicals, so it can be used in different industries such as Electrical, medical, e-commerce packaging, and the food industry.