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Strech Films

Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap or pallet wrap, is a plastic film used to secure and protect goods during transit. stretch film made from linear low-density polyethylene. It possesses elastic properties, so it can stretch and cling to the goods or materials. There are two types of stretch film: the first is machine-grade stretch film and second is manual-grade stretch film.

Machine-grade stretch film:

Machine-grade stretch film is specifically made for use with stretch wrapping machines. Stretch wrapping machines automatically wrap your pallet or product. Machine stretch film has high elongation, great load retention, and reliable application, resulting in efficient and secure pallet and product wrapping.

Manual-grade stretch film :

Manual-grade stretch film is applied manually without using any other wrapping machines. It is designed for hand application, often by wrapping the film around a pallet or goods to secure and protect them during storage or transportation. These types of stretch films are commonly used in small industries.

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