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PE Food Cling Film

PE Food Cling Film is a plastic cling film made from polyethylene and used to store and protect food products. It is a tightly woven PE food film commonly used in restaurants and homes. It is primarily intended for covering and storing food at refrigeration or room temperature.

Benefits of PE Food Cling Film

Food hygiene: It is commonly used to prevent contaminants from entering the food product.

Transparency: PE Food cling film is transparent; we can see the wrapped food.

Easy disposal: It can be easily removed.

Food preservation: It helps preserve the freshness of the food product.

Features of our PE food cling film

Clinginess: Adhere tightly to various surfaces.

Transparency: easy visibility of the wrapped food.

Moisture resistance: It prevents the loss of moisture in the food.

Flexibility: Suitable for wrapping various shapes and sizes of food

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PE Food Cling Film