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BOPP Tapes

Bopp (Biaxially Oriented PolyProylene tape), as the name implies, is packaging tape that is made from thin and flexible plastic material. BOPP tape has high elasticity, good adhesive characteristics, and is resistant to water, chemicals, and scratches. It can be clear or opaque, and it can be printed with personalized logos or designs. We are the renowned Bopp tape manufacturers in Chennai. We strive to offer affordable goods of high quality.

Benefits of Bopp Tapes:

High tensile strength: It can withstand stress and pressure because of its high tensile strength and it is useful for heavy duty packaging.

Flexibility: It’s easy to handle because of its flexibility.

Water resistance: It can endure water or moisture exposure without compromising adhesive strength or integrity.

Tear resistance: Its high tensile strength allows it to withstand stress from breaking or tearing.

Application areas of Bopp tapes:

Food Industry: Bopp tapes are commonly used in the food industry for packaging food products.

E-Commerce Industry: For e-commerce products sealing and transportation, bopp tapes play a vital role.

Electrical industry: Bopp tapes are used in the electrical industry for their insulation properties.