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Tissue Tapes (Double Sided)

Tissue Tapes in Chennai

Tissue tapes, or double-sided tapes, are typical tapes that have acrylic or rubber adhesive coated on both sides. Tissue tapes are made from non-woven tissue paper. Different adhesives can be used depending on the application.

How do tissue tapes differ from other tapes?

Backing material: Lightweight tissue paper is used as backing; it gives flexibility to the tapes.

Adhesive: Adhesive applied on both sides.

Adhesive types: Based on the application, adhesive types change, e.g., acrylic, rubber, or other adhesives.

Transparency: Tissue tapes are often thin, allowing for less visibility when used to connect two things.

Application areas: Tissue tapes are frequently used for lightweight bonding and mounting.

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Tissue Tapes (Double Sided)